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Packrat Philosophy Paddle Down the Rahway Paddlin Madelin Home Paddos Song Paddy Lay Back Paddy McGlntys Goat Paddy on the Railway Painful Plough Pair of Brown Eyes Palace of the Czar(Shootin With Rasputin) Palms of Victory Paper of Pins(2) Paranoia Partans in His Creel Parting Song Passing Thru Pass the Biscuits Miranda Pass the Music on Patches Patchwork Quilt Path Across the Ocean Patrick ONeal Patrick Spencer Patriot Maid Patsy Oree Ay Pat Molloy Pat of Mullingar Pat Reilly Pay Me My Money Down Peaceful Easy Feeling Peace in the Valley Peace I Ask of Thee Oh River Peach Picking Time in Georgia Pearl Bryan(3) Pearl Bryan Pearl of the Irish Nation Pease Brose Again Mither Peat Bog Soldiers(3) Peat Bog Soldiers Pecos Bill Peddler and His Wife Pee Little Thrigs Peggy and the Soldier Pele is My Goddess Pender Harbour Fishermans Come All Ye Pennyworth of Pins People Get Ready Perfect Husband Persian Kitty Peter Amberlay(2) Peter Clarke Peter Patter Ower the Watter Peter Street Pheasant Plucking Song Philosophers Song Philosophic Man Phil the Fluthers Ball Phyllis and the Shepherd Pick Poor Robin Clean Picture at St Helene Pig and the Inebriate Pig and the Inebriate 2(Long Version) Pig and the Inebriate 3 Pig in a Pen Pilgrim Pills of White Mercury Pillycock(Billycock) Piney Wood Hills Piper Sandy Pirates Song Pity the Downtrodden Landlord Plains of Waterloo(1) Plains of Waterloo(3) Plains of Waterloo(5) Plant Plant the Tree Plastic Plastic Jesus(2) Plastic Jesus Playmate Please Mr Columbus Please Mr Conductor Plea for One World Plea for Order Ploughboy(2) Ploughboy(The Warwickshire RHA) Plow Under Polly Vaughn(3) Polly Vaughn Polly Wolly Doodle Poor Boy Poor Ellen Smith(3) Poor Mans Sorrows Poor Ned Poor Old Horse Poor Old Slave Poor Young Girl Posie Potlatch Fair Poussie Poussie Baudrons Poverty Hill Praise We the Lord Preacher and the Bear(2) Precious Friend Present From the Gentlemen Pressers Press Gang Preston Guild Pretendy Land Pretty Bessy Milkmaid Pretty Betsey Pretty Peg Pretty Peggy Pretty Peggy of Derby O Pretty Polly Pretty Polly 3 Pretty Sarah(5) Pretty Saro(4) Pretty Saro 2 Pretty Saro 3 Pretty Susie the Pride of Kildare Price of My Pig Prickilie Bush Pride of Petrovar Priggish Tom and Piddly Pie Prince Charles and Flora MacDonalds Welcome to Sky Prince Charlie Stuart Prince Eugene Prince Heathen Prince Robert Prisoners Dream Private John Q Private Property Prodigals Resolution Prodigal Son Promusica Antiqua Proper English Gentleman Proud Lady Margaret Provincials Farewell Psalm Pub With No Beer Puddy and Mouse 2 Puddy and Mouse 3 Puff the Magic Drag-on Pumpkinville Push Boys Push Put Another Log on the Fire Put It in a Cool Dry Place Put It on the Ground 2 Put Your Shoes on Lucy

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