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(Bob Gibson, Marv David)

Deep in the darkness I have known,
I stumble aimless and alone,
At last too weary of the pain,
I choose to find my way again.

I journey step by step along
This healing path that makes me whole.
I am a pilgrim of my mind.
I am a seeker of my soul.

(Bridge:) Yesterday is history. tomorrow is a mystery.
     I know the past is dead. the future's blind.
     By looking to this moment for the light I need to find my way,
     I will make it one day at a time.

And though this journey is my own,
I need not travel it alone.
By sharing faith with broken friends,
A broken pilgrim slowly mends.

We journey step by step along
This healing path that makes us whole.
We are the pilgrims of our mind.
We are the seekers of our soul.

This song has been described as "the unofficial anthem of Alcoholics Anonymous."
 Sung by Bob Gibson on "Uptown Saturday Night," Hogeye, HOG005, 1984.

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