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Proud Lady Margaret

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Proud Lady Margaret

Proud Lady Margaret

'What is your will with me, young man,
What is your will with me?'
'My will with you, fair maid, he said,
'Is your lover till I dee.

'Your lover till ye dee,' she said,
'Your lover till ye dee!
I've slighted mony a better man,
That in their grave lies green.

My father was laird o seven castles,
My mither was lady o three,
An' a' their gowd an' a' their gear,
There's nane to heir't but me.'

Gin your father was laird o seven castles,
An' your mither was lady o three,
I am William thy brother
That died beyond the sea,
An' I canna get rest into my grave
For the daily pride o thee.'


'Is there nae room at your heid, brotber?
Is there nae room at your feet?
Is there nae room at your side, brother,
For a lady like me to sleep?'

'There's nae room at my heid, sister,
There's nae room at my feet,
There's nae room ai my side, sister,
For a lady like you to sleep;
For when I lie down into my grave,
The worms around me creep.

Child #47
Printed in Buchan, Book of Scottish Ballads
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