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MacAlister Dances Before the King Macarthys Party MacCrimmons Lament MacGregors Gathering MacNamaras Band Macushla Madam La Marquise Mad Dogs and Englishmen Maggie Maggie Dear Maggie Lauder Maggie Was a Lady(Frankie n Johnny Variant) Magic Penny Mahan Stein Song Maidens Lament 2 Maidens Song Maiden Did Bathing Go Maid and the Palmer Maid and the Robber Maid in Bedlam Maid of Australia Maid of Cabra West Maid of Fainey Maid of Newfoundland Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe Major Andrews Execution Make Me Operations Mama Dont Low Mama Sings Mandy Mandy Lane(Keep on Truckin Mama) Many Times Before - Patrick Sky Many Young Men of Twenty Man in the Middle Man of the Earth Man Piabba Man Without a Woman Maple Leaf Forever Maple on the Hill Maple Syrup Song Marauder Marching Through Rochester Marchin to Pretoria March of the Cameron Men Margery Grey a Legend of Vermont Marian Parker 1 Maria Durch Ein Dornwald Ging Marilyn Monroe Marriage of Sir Gawaine Marry No Not I Mars Bars Mars for Evermore Martin Luther King for President Maryanne Maryborough Miner Marys Dream Mary and the Soldier Mary Ann 2 Mary Dear Mary Fagan Mary Go Round Mary Had a Little Clone Mary Hamilton(2) Mary Martindale Mary Riley Massas in de Cold Cold Ground Master of the Sheepfold Match in the Gas Tank Boom Boom! Matilda Mauling Live Oak Maurice Crotty Maven Mayor of Bordeaux May Day Carol(2) May Morning Carol May Morning Dew May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You(Til We Meet Again) Mazlins Mill Ma Sheela McKinleys Rag McPhersons Lament McSorleys Twins Mean Talking Blues Media Meeting is Over Meeting Song Megan Murphy Melville Castle Memory of You Men Men Behind the Wire Men of Ninety-Eight Men of the Sea Men of Worth Mermaid(4) Mermaid(Rule Britannia)(2) Merman Merry Christmas From the Family Merry Ploughboy Message Methodist Pie Metrorail Song Me and Bobby McGee Me and Little Andy Me Brave Boys Michael Blanns Drinking Song Michael Dwyer Michael Finnegan Mick Sullivans Mad Clock Microsoft Christmas Middle Ground Midnight Midnight Moonlight Midnight Murder of the Meeks Family Midnight Special Mighty Day Mighty Fortress is Our God Mighty Lak a Rose Mike Fink Milking Pail Millers Will(2) Millers Will Miller tae My Trade Mill Mothers Lament Mill Worker Milwaukee Blues Miners Fate Miners Prayer Miner Lad Minimum Wage Strike Minnie Quay Minstrel Minx From Pinsk Missing Miss Fogartys Christmas Cake Mist Covered Mountains of Home MIT Model Church Molly Doyle the Heroine of Ross Mommas Soup Surprise Money Marbles and Chalk Monkeys Wedding Monkey and the Engineer Monkey Turned Barber(2) Monkey Turned Barber Monongahela Sal Monster Science Montana Month of January Month of May Mon Like Thee Moonshine Can Moon Dancing Morning Come Maria Gone Morrissey and the Black Moth Mother Mothers Daughter Wives Mothers Last Words to Her Daughter Mother I Come Home to Die Mother Machree Mother Morning Mother the Queen of My Heart Mother Trucker Motorway Song Mountain Meadows Massacre(2) Mountain Meadows Massacre Move Yourself Over for Me Moving Fathers Grave(2) Moving Fathers Grave Mower Mowing the Barley Mo Ghile Mear Mo Ri Geal Dileas Mrs Adlams Angels Mrs Roosevelt Mr Block Mr Mudd and Mr Gold Mr Tambourine Man Muckin O Geordies Byre Muir and the Master Builder Mulberry Bush Mule Get Up in the Alley Musics the Very Best Thing Musselburgh Field My Ain Folk My Collier Laddie My Creole Belle My Daddy is Only a Picture My Fathers Servant Boy My Gal Sal My Gentle Harp My Girl Shes Airy My God How the Money Rolls in My Good Old Man My Green Valleys My Heart is in Ireland My High Silk Hat My Homes Across the Smokey Mountains My Home Town My Husbands Got No Courage in Him(2) My Johnny Was a Shoemaker My Lagan Love My Lassie Shes Bonnie My Little Carpenter My Little Maureen My Love is a Rider My Love Loves My Madonna My Master and I My Name is Clarence My Old Brown Earth My Old Man(2) My Own Dear Galway Bay My Own Dear Native Land My Proper Name is Clarence My Proud Mountains My Rough and Rowdy Ways My Son in Americay My Son John My Sweethearts the Man in the Moon My Sweetheart Went Down With the Maine My Wifes Cousins

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