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Rabbit Trappers Song Raccoon Raftsmen Ragged But Right(2) Ragged But Right Railroading on the Great Divide Railroad Days Rail Cutters Rail No More Rakes of Stony Batter [Bob and Joan] Raleigh and Spencer Rambling Siuler Ramblin Rover Randall Knife Ranger Fight Song Ranger Song(2) Rantin Rovin Robin Ranzo Ranzo Rae Raspberry Lane Rattling Ford Razorback Steak RCMP Real Old Mountain Dew(4) Reaper Rebels Escape Rebel Song Redesdale and Wise William(A) Redesdale and Wise William(B) Rednecks White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer Red Boogie Blues Red Wine Red Wing(3) Reedy River Reel o Stumpie Refrain of the Red River Plantation Reidcap Reillys Farewell Reload Remember Me(When the Candle Lights Are Gleaming) Requiem(For the Giants) Requiem Rest of the Day Retirement Reubens Train Reuben James Reuben Train Revel Revenue Man Reynard the Fox(3) Richland Women Blues Richmond Riddle Riddles Wisely Expounded(Cather Banks) Riddles Wisely Expounded 3 Riddle Song(2 I Have a Young Suster) Ride in the Creel(2) Rights of Man Right Said Fred(Cup of Tea) Rindercella Ringsend Rose Ring Those Golden Bells Ripple Rise and Shine Rise Up Gudewife Rise Up Jock Rise Up Shepherd and Follow Rising in the North Riu Riu Riverboat Rivers of Babylon River Lea River of Jordan River of the Big Canoe Roadkill Cafe Roads of Kildare Road By the River Roamin in the Gloamin Robin Adair Robin Cam to the Wrens Door Robin He Married a Wife Robin Hood Robin Hoods Birth n Breeding Robin Hoods Chase Robin Hoods Death(2) Robin Hoods Delight Robin Hoods Golden Prize Robin Hoods Progress to Nottingham Robin Hood and Alan a Dale Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne Robin Hood and Maid Marion Robin Hood and Queen Katherine 1 Robin Hood and Queen Katherine 2 Robin Hood and Queen Katherine 3 Robin Hood and the Beggar I Robin Hood and the Beggar II Robin Hood and the Bishop Robin Hood and the Butcher(A) Robin Hood and the Butcher(B) Robin Hood and the Curtal Friar(A) Robin Hood and the Curtal Friar(B) Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow Robin Hood and the Monk Robin Hood and the Pedlar Robin Hood and the Pedlars Robin Hood and the Potter Robin Hood and the Prince of Aragon Robin Hood and the Ranger Robin Hood and the Scotchman Robin Hood and the Shepherd Robin Hood and the Tinker Robin Hood and the Valiant Knight Robin Hood Newly Revived Robin Redbriests Testament Robyn and Gandeleyn Rob Roy Rockabye Baby Rockall Rocking Alone in an Old Rocking Chair Rocking the Cradle Rockin the Cradle Rocks of Bawn Rocky Banks of the Buffalo Rocky Mount Rocky Mountain Rock About My Saro Jane Rock and Pickle Tow Rock Me on the Water Rock Salt and Nails Roddy McCorley(Gaelic) Rodger Young Roger OHehir Rogues March Rojo Rolling Down the Bay to Juliana Rolling Down the River Roll Agememnon Roll Roll Me Over Roll on Columbia Roll on Saskatchewan Roll Your Leg Over Roman Gladiator Romeo and Juliet Rompin Rovin Days Rookshope Ryde Root Abe or Die Root Hog or Die Roscommon of My Dreams Rose Roseabella Roses Up and Roses Down Roseville Fair(Banjo Parody) Rose and the Briar Rose of Alabamy Rose of Britains Isle Rose of Castlerea Rose of England Rose of My Heart Rose of No Mans Land Rose of York Rosie Anderson Rosie O Ho Rosy Up on Moore Street Rothesay Bay Roulez Jeunes Gens Roulez! Roundup Cook Round and Round the Earth is Turning Round Apples Round Hitlers Grave Rouse Hibernians Roving Cowboy Roving Gambler Roving Kind Row-Dow-Dow Row Between the Cages Row My Love Row(Norfolk Whalers) Row on Row Us Over the Tide Roy Bean Rozie Browns Store Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer(With Kids Additons) Rule Britannia Running Down to Cuba Run Molly Run RV Blues Rye Cove Cyclone Rye Whiskey(2)

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