Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Rob Roy

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Rob Roy

Rob Roy

Now, Rob Roy's from the Highlands come
Unto our lowland border
And he has stolen a lady awa'
To keep his house in order

"Come go with me, my dear," he said
"Come go with me, my honey
And you shall be my own true wedded wife
I love you best of onie"

"I will not go with you," she said
"Nor will I be your honey
I ne'er shall be your true wedded wife
You love me for my money"

But she he drew amangst his crew
She holdin' by her mother
Wi' mournful cries and watery eyes
They parted from each other

No time they gave her to be dressed
As ladies when they're brides, oh
But hurried her away in haste
They rowed her in their plaids, oh

They passed away by Drymen Town
And at Buchanan tarried
They bought to her a cloak and gown
Yet she would not be married

But without consent they joined their hands
By law ought not to carry
The priest his zeal, it was so hot
On her he would not a-tarry

"Now you're come to the Highland hills
Out of your native clime, lady
Oh, never think of goin' back
But take this for your home, lady

"Oh, Rob Roy was my father called
But MacGregor was his name, lady
In all the country far and near
 None his fame did exceed, lady

"Oh, I'm as bold as any man
I'm as bold and more, lady
And everyone that does me wrong
Shall feel my claymore, lady

"My father, he has stots and ewes
And he has goats and sheep, lady
But you and twenty thousand pounds
Makes me a man complete, lady"

Child #225
recorded by Hermes Nye on Ballads Reliques
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