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Cabin in Gloryland Cadence Count(3) Cadgwith Anthem Cagaran Gaolach Cakes and Ale(Catch) Calico Printers Clark California Dreamin California Faith California Joe California Steamin Caller Herrin Calling-On Song Calling on Song Call Me the Whale(2) Call of Erin Calon Lin Calypso Cambourne Hill Cameronian Cat Campbell the Drover Camp Grenada Camp Song(Home on the Range) Cam Ye By Athol Cam Ye By the Kirk(2) Cam Ye By the Kirk Canaans Land Candleford Anthem Candy Man Candy Man 2 Canned Goods Can You Dig that Crazy Gibberish Can You Sew Cushions Can You Type Mary Alice Cape Cod Girls Capital Ship Captain Barnards Grenadier Captain Coulston Captain McKean Captain Robert Kidd Captain With His Whiskers Caretaker Carle Rade tae Aberdeen Carle Sits Upon the Sea Carolina on My Mind Carol for the Twelfth Day Carol of the Birds(2) Carrigdhoun Carrig Rua Carrion Crow(2) Carroll County Accident Casabianca Castlebar Castle Garden Castle of Dromore Cat Catfish Cattie Sits in the Kiln Ring Cattle Call Cat Came Back Cat Christmas Carol Caveat Against Cutpurses Ca Hawkie Cearc Agus Coileach Celebrated Working Man Censorship Centipede Chandlers Wife(2) Channel Firing Charley Hills Old Slope Charlie Green Play that Thing Charlie MacPherson(A) Charlie MacPherson(B) Charming Beauty Bright(2) Chauffeurs Blues Cheerily Man Chemical Elements Chesapeake and Shannon II Cheseapeake Gold Chester City Chewing Gum Chicken

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