Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Carol for the Twelfth Day

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Carol for the Twelfth Day

Carol for the Twelfth Day

 Sweet master of this habitation
 With my mistress be so kind
 As to grant an invitation
 If we may this favor find
 To be now invited in
 Then with mirth we will begin.
 Happy sweet and pleasant songs which unto this time belongs.

 Let every loyal honest soul
 Contribute to the wassail bowl.

 So may you still enjoy the blessing
 Of a loving virtuous wife,
 Riches, honour still possessing
 With a long and happy life,
 Living in prosperity
 Then let generosity
 Always be maintained I pray.
 Don't forget the good old way.

 Before the season is departed
 In your presence we appear,
 Therefore soon be noble hearted
 To afford som dainty cheer
 Freely let us have it now
 Since the season doth allow.
 What the house doth now afford
 Should be plac'd upon the board

 Whether it be roast beef or fowl
 And liquour well the wassel bowl.

 For now it is a time of leisure,
 Then to those that kindness show
 May they have wealth, peace and pleasure
 And the spring of bounty flow
 To enrich them while they live
 That they may afford to give,
 To maintain the good old way
 Many a long and happy day

 Let every loyal honest soul
 Contribute to the wassail bowl.

 You worthy are to be commended
  I in this you will not fail.
 Now our song is almost ended
 Fill our bowl with nappy ale.
 Then we'll drink afull carouse
 To the master of this house
 Aye and to our mistress dear
 Wishing both a happy year,
 In peace and love without controul
 Who brought Joy to our wasel bowl.

 -No. 37 from the MS belonging to Miss. Minnie Davies Gilbert and Mrs. Patience
Harding, great granddaughters of
 the original collector. The MS of Cornish Carols wascompiled for Davies Gilbert
 by John Hutchens about 1826, as
 cited in: Canow Kernow., ed. Inglis Gundry, The Federation of Old Cornwall Soci
eties, 1966. Pp.18-19.
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