Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Ca Hawkie

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Ca Hawkie

Ca Hawkie

     Ca Hawkie, drive Hawkie,
     Ca Hawkie throu' the water.
       Hawkie is a good milk coo,
     Bit Hawkie winna wade the water.
       I'll cast aff ma hose an' sheen,
     An' I'll drive Hawkie throu' the water.

     Paul Past & Present of Aberdeenshire (1881), 149 (no. 10);
     Rymour Club Misc. III (1928), 180; Montgomerie SC
     (1948), 47 (No. 44).
Chambers PRS (1847), 187, (1870), 24, has differs: lines 3-4
Hawkie is a sweer beast, and 5 But I'll.  This latter is
understandably closer to the Northumbrian version in Bruce &
Stokoe (1882), 121, with music:

     [Chorus:]  Ca' Hawkie, ca' Hawkie,
                  Ca' Hawkie through the water,
                Hawkie is a sweir beast,
                  And Hawkie winna wade the water.

             Hawkie is a bonnie cow,
               Though she's loth to wade the water;
             While she waits the work'll stand,
               So ca' Hawkie through the water.

             [two more stanzas]

             Now, young maids, my counsel take,
               Since that it can be no better;
             Cast off baith your hose and shoon,
               And safely drive her through the water.
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