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Cheseapeake Gold

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Cheseapeake Gold

Cheseapeake Gold
                        CHESEAPEAKE GOLD
                                                       Bill Desler

  1. Setting out to sea in the big white boat
     We've gone each week for years
     Setting out in style from Baltimore
     Past the old wooden piers.

     Sail on small wooden boats,
     Diggin' for Cheseapeake Gold,
     Sail on big white boat,
     The one they say is too old...

  2. Past Fells Point and Federal Hill
     To the ocean we will go
     Pausing at the bridge at Sparrow's Point
     To watch the barges tow
  3. On the upper deck in the morning sun
     Playing cards to past the time
     Chasing all the young folks first time out
     From the place that has always been mine.

  4. Dancing to a tune by a band I know
     From summertime trips before
     Waltzing in the arms of a girl I've met
     Across the old wooden floor.
     Written about the Cheseapeake pleasure boats that were going
     to  be discontinued.  Have since been rescued.  Recorded  by
     Bill Destler as part of Rock Creek on their tape.

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