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Daddy Song Daddy What Did You Do in the Strike Dade Massacre Dahn the Plugole Daily Growing Dalby Ram Dam on Baldwin Creek Dan-Dan-Oh Dance Hall Girls Dance Myself to Sleep Dance of Death Dandelion Song Dandy-O Dandy Man Oh Danville Girl Dan Malone Dapple Gray Darby and Joan Darby Ram Darktown Strutter Ball Dark Eyed Sailor Dark Island 2 Davy Crockett Davy Crockett [Parody] Dawning of the Day(2) Day Before the War Day is Past and Gone Day of the Clipper Day the Pub Burned Down Deacon of the Weavers Dead Egyptian Blues Dead Man Walking Blues Dead Puppies Dean Cadalan Samhach Dearest Nancy Dear Hearts and Gentle People Dear Little Shamrock Dear Old Donegal Death is a Melancholy Call Death of Ellenton Death of Harry Bradford Death of Herbert Rice Death of John Kennedy Death of William Gilley Decameron Deck of Cards Deck Us All Deed of Entail Deep Elem Blues Deep River Deep River Blues Deep Settled Peace Deirdres Farewell to Alba Deirdres Lamentation Delaneys Donkey Delaware River Delia(2) Delia(4) Delia(5) Delia Delia Delia Delirium Tremens Della and the Dealer Dennis OReilly Derby Ram(4) Derby Ram(6) Derby Ram Derroll in the Rain Deserter Devil and the Bailiff Devil and the Farmers Wife(6) Devil and the Farmers Wife Devil Take the Farmer Dewy Dens of Yarrow Diamond Joe(2) Diamond Joe(3) Dick o the Cow Dick the Joiner Dick Turpin and the Lawyer Diddle Diddle(or the Kind Country Lovers) Didnt He Ramble Diesel on My Tail Die Gute Kamerad

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