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Come all you young fellows, give an ear to my song.
I'll tell you a story that'll not take you long.
And it might be a warning to young and to old
Not to sell one another for the sake of their gold

It happened about a twelve month ago.
It's of two young fellows which most of us know.
One was a deserter as blind would appear
Came down from the west of Kent to the Augustine, here

Oh what a deceiver he met with that day.
He met in an alehouse a drinking of beer.
And all in good friends    they told what they did know,
Not thinking he'd been drinking all day with a foe.

Then after a while, this man went away
He met with two soldiers along the highway.
``We're after a deserter,'' to him they did say.
Then he swore he'd been drinking with one all that day.

Then the soldiers, they said ``That will fit our plan.
Ten guineas we'll give you if you show us the man.''
``Then come along with me.'' the fellow did say,
And straight to the alehouse went William that day.

These soldiers, they entered without doubt or fear.
``What cheer says the fellow, come bring them some beer.
What regiment are you?'' ``The ninth,'' they did say,
``And what regiment are you? Come tell us, we pray.''

``No regiment at all so bound and so gay.''
``Then we'll find one for you,'' the soldiers did say.
They put him in irons and held him that night
Until the next morning when it was daylight.

To Maystone Jail they went straight away.
Wrote down to his regiment come take him away.
They marched him through town through village and city
With his hands tied behind him and the women cried pity.

And now I have come to tell of my hope
That all such informers be faced with the rope.
They'd sell one another for the take of their gain
And I hope they will get just reward for their pain.

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