Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Dandelion Song

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Dandelion Song

Dandelion Song
(Linda Allen, Kristin and Jennifer Allen-Zito)

Well, flowers come in green and pink and red,
And they sleep all day in their little flowerbeds,
But the little dandelion grows wild and free
With her uncles and her cousins and the whole family.

CHO:  Dandy, dandy, dandy, dandy dandelion,
     There's something pretty dandy 'bout you.
     Dandy, dandy, dandy, dandy dandelion,
     I wish that there were more of you.

First I make a wish, then I blow real hard,
And the little dandelions blow all over the yard,
And I wait and I hope for my wish to come true.
Guess there's only so much a dandelion can do.

Now in 1800 things were bleak and bare,
Not a little dandelion anywhere,
But Cathy Maynard knew that dandelions cure,
So she brought them to Washington, and we thank her.

Some people think that dandelions are a pest,
But I think that dandelions are the best.
Dandelions, don't you know, are really cool,
And dandelion haters should go back to school.

You can make them into necklaces and bracelets too.
You can decorate your laces to tie your shoe.
You can make them into salad greens or dandelion tea.
That's why dandelions are for me.

Written by Linda Allen, Kristin and Jennifer Allen-Zito
(c) Linda Allen 1989.)
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