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Die Lappen Hoch Die Moorsoldaten Die Stem Van Suid-Afrika Digby Diggers Farewell Diggy Liggy Lo(2) Diggy Liggy Lo Dig Me Im a Rock n Roll Star Dimming of the Day Director of Admissions Dirty Socks Distant Thunder DNA Doctors Lament Doctor Freud 2 Doctor in Fife Doctor of Physick Does the Spearmint Lose Its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight Dollar Aint a Dollar Dollar Alarm Clock Donald Cooper Donald Cowper and His Man Donald Whaurs Yer Troosers Donald Wheres Your Trousers Donal Agus Morag Donegal Danny Donegans Daughter Dont Bet Your Money on de Shanghai Dont Cry in Your Sleep Dont Dilly Dally(My Old Man) Dont Go Down to the Quarry Dont Go in Them Lions Cage Tonight! Dont Go Out Tonight Dear Father Dont Sell Daddy Any More Whiskey Dont Take My Papa Away From Me Doodle Let Me Go(Yeller Gals) Dooley Doon the Moor Doors to My Mind Double Bunking Down By the Embarras Down By the Riverside Down in Black Bottom Down in the Cane Break Down in the Coal Mine Down in the Valley to Pray Down in Utah Down on the Picket Line Down the CnO Do Re Mi Do You Hear What I Hear Do You Love an Apple Do You Love Me Molly Darlin Drakes Drum Drapes of Roth Drawing Nearer to the Merry Month of May Dreadful Ghost Dreadful Memories Dream Angus Dream of Napoleon Dreg Song Dremlen Feygl(Drowsing Birds) Drifting Too Far From Shore Drimmendoo Driver Boy Drive Away Blues Driving Logs on the Cass Drop-Kick Me Jesus Through the Goalposts of Life Drop Your Nets Drovers Dream Drowning in Beer Drowning of John Roberts Droylsden Wakes Drummer and the Cook Drummer Boy Drunkards Boy Drunkards Son Drunken Sailor Dry Cardrona Dry Land Blues Dublin Fusiliers Dublin Lady Dugall Quin Duke of Athol Duke of York Duna Duncan and Brady(2) Duncan and Brady Dundee Cat Dunkirk Dupree(2) Dupree Durham Field Dust on the Bible Duw Its Hard Dying Cowboy Dying Hobo Dying Pilot Dying Soldier

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