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Dublin Fusiliers

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Dublin Fusiliers

Dublin Fusiliers

Well you've heard about the Indians with their tommyhawks and spears
And of the U.N. warriors the heroes of recent years
Also I might mention the British Grenadiers
Well none of them were in it but the Dublin Fusiliers.
You've heard about the Light Brigade and of the deeds they've done,
And of the other regiments that many vic'tries won
But the pride of all the armies Dragoons and Carabiniers
Was that noble band of Warriors the Dublin Fusiliers.

  With your left foot and right about face this is the way we go
  Charging with fixed bayonets the terror of every foe.
  A glory to old Ireland as proud as buccaneers
  And a terror to creation are the Dublin Fusiliers.

Well you've heard about the wars between the Russians and the Brits.
The sar' one day was reading an old copy of ""Titbits""
And when the General came to him and threw himself down in tears
'We'd better run back like blazes, here's the Dublin Fusiliers.'

The sar' commenced to tremble and he bit his underlip..
Begorra boys, says he, I think we better take the tip
The devil's come from Dublin and to judge from what I hears
They're demons of militia men, the Dublin Fusiliers.

Well the serjeant cried, 'Get ready lads, lay down each sword and gun,
Take off you shoes and stockings boys, and when I tell youse, run.
They didn't stop but started and amidst three ringing cheers,
Came a shower of bricks and bullets from the Dublin Fusiliers.

The time that Julius Caesar tried to land down at Ringsend
The coastguards couldn't stop them, so for the Dublins they did send,
And, just as they were landing, lads, we heard three ringing cheers:
'Get back to Rome like blazes here's the Dublin Fusiliers.
From the Dubliner's songbook.
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