Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Donegans Daughter

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Donegan's Daughter

Donegan's Daughter
(Percy French)

When Donegan came from the States
Himself and his daughter were seen
Parading the principal streets
Of beautiful Ballyporeen
Her cheeks were as red as a rose,
Her hair was a beautiful brown
And the lads I suppose
Were as thick now as crows
All tied to the heel of her gown

     There were short men and long men
     And weak men and strong men
     And right men and wrong men
     Were all to be seen
     But Donegan's daughter from over the water
     She gave them no quarter in Ballyporeen

She sang the most beautiful songs
Of the words we have never a hint
For her fingers went hammer and tongs
In a running accompaniment
Like a dog running after a rat
such scrimmaging never was heard
Then down went her claws, like a murdering cat
When it leaps on the back of a bird

     At every party, she sang them all forte
     From Ah, Che la Morte
     To the wearing of green
     Oh Donegan's daughter from over the water
     'Twas little they taught her in Ballyporeen

The Geraghtys gave a grand ball
The girls were all ribbon and tape
But Miss Donegan bested them all
With her perfectly wonderful shape
And when she was taking the floor
With a high-stepping bachelor boy
The rest of us scowled in the doorway and growled
That 'twas him we would surely destroy

There was kissing and squeezing
     And coaxing and teasing
     And sure there's no reason
     Such things should be seen
     But Donegan's daughter from over the water
     'Twas she made the slaughter
     In Ballyporeen

Coming home we were crossing a stream
I thought to beleaguer the belle;
A struggle, a kiss and a scream
And into the water we fell
To me that can swim like a trout
'Twas only a trifling reverse
But when she came out,
Faith there wasn't much doubt
She was changed very much for the worse

     For her roses had wilted
     Her wig it was tilted
     The figure she'd built, it
     Was washed away clean
     Oh! Donegan's daugter
     From under the water
     Two pins would have bought her
     In Ballyporeen

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