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Down in the Cane Break

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Down in the Cane Break

Down in the Cane Break

Down in the cane break close by the mill,
There lived a colored gal. Her name was Nancy Dill.
I told her that I loved her. I loved her very long.
And when I serenade her, this will be my song:

CHO: Come, my love, come. My boat lies low.
     She lies high and dry on the Ohio.
     Come, my love, come. Won't you come along with me,
     And I'll take you down to Tennessee.

Down in the cane break, there's where I'll go,
Down where the yella moon is hangin' mighty low,
I know that she'll be waitin' beside the cabin door,
And she'll be mighty happy when I tell her once more,

Down in the cane break some happy day,
You'll hear the weddin' bells a-ringin' mighty gay,
There's goin' to be a cabin and in the trundle bed,
There'll be a piccaninny and all because I said,

Down in the cane break there's where I'll stay,
'Long side of Nancy dill till we are laid away,
And when we get to heaven and peter lets us in,
I'll start my wings a-flappin' and sing to her again,

[Several versions exist. Sometimes called "Nancy Till,"
"Nancy Gill," "Come Love Come." FM]

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