Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Drovers Dream

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Drovers Dream

Drovers Dream

 I was traveling with my sheep and my mates were fast asleep
 No moon or stars were shining in the sky
 I was dozing I suppose but my eyes had hardly closed
 When a very strange procession passed me by
 First came a kangaroo with his swag of blankets blue
 He had with him a dingo for a mate
 They were traveling pretty fast and they shouted as they passed
 We've got to be getting home it's getting late

 Then three frogs from out of the swamp where the atmosphere is damp
 Came up and gently sat down on the stones
 They unrolled their little swags and took from their dilly bags
 A fiddle. a banjo and some bones
 Then a little bandicoot played a tune upon the flute
 Three koala bears came down and formed a ring
 And the pelican and the crane they flew in from the plain
 And amused the company with a highland fling

 Then three parrots in their joy sang the Wild Colonial Boy
 A frilly lizard waltzed round with a smile
 Then from out the old she oak a laughing jackass spoke
 And spare me happy days he ran a mile
 Then the emu standing near with his claw up to his ear
 Sang Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep
 I was underneath the cart, the boss woke me with a start
 Saying Clancy where the hell are the flaming sheep

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