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Colored Brigade Columbia Columbus Stockade Blues Come All Ye Jolly Ice-Hunters Come All You Garners Gay Come All You Loyal Lovers Come All You Tonguers Come Along Down Come and Dine Come and Go With Me Come and I Will Sing You Come Away Come Away Death Come Away to Sea Come Feed the Black Sow Come Fill Up Your Glasses(Robbers) Come Inside Come in and Pull Down the Blinds Come My Love Come Come Out Ye Black and Tans Come to Me in Canada Come to Thy Lattice Love Come Under My Plaidie Come Up and See My Garret Comical Ditty Commodore Gale Common Sailor Computer is a Funny Beast Computer Love Song Computer Nightmare Congo River(2) Connaught Rangers Constant Farmers Son(5) Constant Farmers Son Constant Lovers Constitutional Movement Conversation With a Mule Convict Convict and the Rose Con Las Abejas Cook on a Bark Coplas Copshawholme Fair Cora is Gone Cornish May Carol Cosmic Love Song Cottage By the Lee Cotton Fields Back Home Could I Have This Dance Coulters Candy Country Boy Country Lass Country Music Country Song Country Vicar Courting Case Courting is a Pleasure(Lovely Molly) Courting the Widows Daughter Cousin Caterpillar Coventry Carol Cowboys Faith(No Horses in Heaven) Cowe the Nettle Cows Cow Kicked Nelly Crafty Boy Craigie Hill Crawdad Crayfish Crazy Creation of a Pussy Cremation of Sam McGee Cripple Creek Crockery Ware 2 Croppie Boy Crossed Old Jordans Stream Crossing the Divide Cross Mountain Explosion Cross the Brazos From Waco Crow and Pie Crow Jane Blues(2) Crow Jane Blues Cruel Mother Cruel Ships Captain Cruel Sister Cuban Soldier Cuckoo Cuckoos Nest Cuckoo is a Funny Bird Cumberland Gap Cup of Tea Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight Cypress Grove Cyprus Brig Cyril Said It All Before C C Rider 2 C n O Wreck

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