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Seven Daffodills Seven Daffodils Seven Hundred Elves Seven Old Ladies(2) Seven Spanish Angels Seven Virgins(The Leaves of Life) Seven Wonders Shackles and Chains Shake Hands With Your Uncle Max Shaking of the Sheets(or the Dance of Death) Shallow Brown Shanagolden Shantyman(2) Shanty Town Shape of My Love Sheath and Knife 2 Sheath and Knife 3 Sheffield Grinder Shenandoah Waltz Shepherds Wife Shepherd of the Downs Sherat Weaver Shes a Flower From the Fields of Alabama She Lived Beside the Anner She Moves Among Men(The Bar Maids Song) Shipyard Slips Shoemaker Shoemaker 3 Shooting of Dan McGrew Shores of Amerikay Shores of Old Blighty Shores of Sutherland Shortenin Bread Shortnin Bread Should I Ever Be a Soldier Shower the People Shule Agra or Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier Shule Aroon Sidewalks of New York Side By Side Sidney Allen Signing Up Sileas Puirt a Beul Sile Ni Ghrada(Sheila Nee Iyer) Silver Bell Silver Dagger Silver Dew on the Bluegrass Tonight Silver Dollar Silver Whistle Simon Brodie Singers Request Singin in the Kitchen Single Bolinder Single Girl Singular Dream Sing Irishman Sing Sinking of the Reuben James Sinners Hymn Sinner Man 3 Sinner Youd Better Get Ready Sioux City Sue Sir Aldingar Sir Charles Gavan Duffy Sir Francis Drake(Eighty-Eight) Sir James the Rose(Steeleye Version) Sir John Butler Sir Neil and Glengyle Sir Simon de Montfort Sir William Gower Sister Josephine Sitting on the Dock of the Bay Six Clicks Six Eggs in the Pot Skagit Skewball(4)

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