Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Should I Ever Be a Soldier

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Should I Ever Be a Soldier

Should I Ever Be a Soldier
(Joe Hill

We're spending billions every year
For guns and ammunition,
"Our" Army and "Our" Navy dear
To keep in good condition,
While millions live in misery
And millions die before us.
Don't sing "My Country, 'Tis of Thee"
But sing this little chorus:

Cho: Should I ever be a soldier,
     'Neath the Red Flag I would fight.
     Should the gun I ever shoulder,
     It's to crush the tyrant's might.
     Join the army of the toilers!
     Men and women fall in line!
     Wage slaves all around the world, arouse!
     Do your duty for the cause
     For land and liberty!

And many a maiden pure and fair
Her love and pride must offer
On Mammon's altar of despair
To fill a master's coffer.
The gold that pays the mighty fleet
From tender youth he squeezes
While brawny men must walk the street
And face the wintry breezes.

Why do they mount their Gatling gun
A thousand miles from ocean
Where hostile fleet could never run?
Ain't that a funny notion?
If you don't know the reason why,
Just strike for better wages
And then, my friends - if you don't die -
You'll sing this song for ages:

(Michelle Lanchester, 1988, Mikkel Music.)
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