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Haben a Boo and a Banner Haddock to the Skate Hag Haggis of Dunbar Hail Smiling Morn(An Easter Carol) Hail the Yurt Half Hitch Hallelujah Chorus Hallelujah Im a Bum Hallelujah Im a Bum 2 Halleys Comet(2) Halls of Montezuma(Marines Hymn) Handloom V Powerloom Hand Me Down Hand Me Down Me Bible Hand Me Down My Walkin Cane Hanged I Shall Be Hanging From the Old Barbed Wire Hang Me From a Gooseberry Tree Hang on the Bell Happily Addicted to the Web Happy Are We All Together Happy Dick Happy Family Happy Man Hap and Rowe Hardyknute(Battle of Largs) Hard Times(Cheating) Harmony Harp Without a Crown Harry Dale Harry Dunn Harvard Square Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly Has Anybody Seen J C Haul Awa Haul Er Away Haul on the Bowline(3) Hava Nagila Have Some Madeira MDear Hawaiian Beaches Hawks and Eagles Hearth and Fire Hearts Ease Hearts Music Heart of Midlothian Heart of the Appaloosa Heaven-Bound Mariner Heaven Heavenly Aeroplane Hedgehog Pie Heed Their Call Heiland Soldier Heise All Helicopter Song Hells Gate Help Me Make It Through the Yard Help Me Make It Thru the Night Henry Joy McCracken Henry King Henry K Sawyer Heres a Dram for the Piper Heres to the Last to Die Heres to the Morning Glory Here Comes the Sun Here is a Lass With a Golden Ring Here I Sit Here We Come a Wassailing Hero of the Wrong War Herrings Head Herzogin Cecile Hes Got the Whole World in His Hand Heywood Sumner Wassail Song Hey Good Lookin Hey Nelly Nelly Hey Ronnie Reagan Hey the Dusty Miller He Rambled He Was a Friend of Mine He Went to Sleep - the Hogs Ate Him Hicks the Pirate Hide Willie Hide Hieland Laddie Hieland Sodger Hielant Donalie Highlanders Lament Highland Balou Highland Clearances Highland Fairy Lullaby Highland Paddy Highwayman Highwayman Outwitted Highway Hunter Highway of Sorrrow High High High Cost of Livin Hildas Cabinet Band Hilli Ballu Hills of Greenmore(2) Hills of Greenmore Hill and Gully Rider Hind Horn Hinkumbooby Hiring Fair Hiroshima His Faither Deed and Left Him a Horse Hitler(Has Only Got One Ball) Hitler Has Only Got One Ball(2) Hi Fi Stereo Color TV Hi Horo s Na Horo Eile Hobie Noble Hobo Bills Last Ride(or Hobo Bill) Hold to Gods Unchanging Hand Hole in the Pipers Bag Hollin Green Hollin Holy Joe From Scabsville Holy Nunnery Holy Well Homeless Man Homestead on the Farm Homestead Strike Homes of Donegal Home on the Range Home Sweet Home Honest Farmer or Boll Weevil Honest Labourer Honky Tonkin Honor of Julian Chavez Hooch on My Bonny Lass Hoolie the Bedll Fa! Hoo Can I Keep My Maidenheid Hoo Mony Miles is It tae Glesca-Lea Hopelessly Midwestern Horn of the Hunter Horse Named Bill Hot Stuff Howard Johnson Hallelujah! Howlin at the Moon How Coventry Was Made Free By Godiva Countess of Chester How Doth the Vax How Happy is the Man! How Much is that Doggie in the Window How Much is that Hound Dog in the Window How Paddy Stole the Rope How Pretty the Moon Looks Tonight Hudson River Steamer Hugh Spencers Feats in France Human Freedom Humboldt Wassail Song Humoresque Humoresque 2 Hundred Years From Now Hunger in the Air Hungry Child(German) Hungry Child Hunter in His Career Hunting of the Wren Hunting the Wren Hunting We Will Go Hunt the Wren Huron Carol(2) Huron Carol Hurrah Hurrah a Ranogate Husbandman and Servingman Hush-a-Ba Birdie Croon Hush-a-Bye My Bairnie Hushie Ba Birdie Beeton Hush Ye My Bairnie Hymn Hymn of Freedom

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