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Heise All

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Heise, All

Heise, All

Leader:   Heise, all!
A long draft!

More might!
Young blood!
More Mood!
False Flesh!

Lie ye back!
Long swack!
That! That!

There! There!
Yellow hair!
Hips Bare!

To him, all!
Widdy-fowls, all!
Great and small!
One and all!

Heise, all!
(Crew:    Heise, all!)
(A long draft!)

(More might!)
(Young blood!)
(More Mood!)
(False Flesh!)

(Lie ye back!)
(Long swack!)
(That! That!)

(There! There!)
(Yellow hair!)
(Hips Bare!)

(To him, all!)
(Widdy-fowls, all!)
(Great and small!)
(One and all!)
(Heise, all!)

traditional (arr. The Boarding Party)
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