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Hollin Green Hollin

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Hollin, Green Hollin

Hollin, Green Hollin

     Alone in greenwood must I roam,
       Hollin, green hollin;
     A shade of green leaves is my home,
       Birk and green hollin.

     Where nought is seen but boundless green,
       Hollin, green hollin,
     And spots of far blue sky between,
       Birk and green hollin.

     A weary head a pillow finds,
       Hollin, green hollin,
     Where leaves fall green in summer winds,
       Birk and green hollin.

     Enough for me, enough for me,
       Hollin, green hollin,
     To live at large with liberty,
       Birk and green hollin.

     Boulton-MacLeod Songs of the North II.30, with music (an
"old border air", arranged by Lawson).  Montgomerie SNR
(1946), 107 (no. 131).  By James Douglas of Cavers.

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