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Bonnie Tammy Bonnie Wee Croodlin Doo Bonnie Wee Lassie that Never Said No Bonnie Wee Mary Bonnie Wullie Bonny Birdie Bonny Black Hare(2) Bonny Blue-Eyed Nancy Bonny Boy Bonny Dundee 2 Bonny Farday Bonny Foot Boy Bonny Gateshead Lass Bonny Hind Bonny Irish Maid Bonny Irish Maid 2 Bonny John Seaton Bonny Keel Laddie Bonny Maid of Fife Bonny Shepherd Lad Boom Boom Bootleggers Lament Boris Boris Born Free Borscht Boston and Maine Boston Burglar Boston City Bothwell Bridge Bottomless Well Bouillabaisse Bowery Bowl of Red Boys of Fairhill Boys of Fair Hill(2) Boy and the Mantle Boy Full of Promise Boy Salutes Boy Who Put the Butter on the Old Mans Bow Brackagh Hill Brahms Lullaby Bramble and the Rose Bramble Briar Brandy Brandy Leave Me Alone Brassieres Brave Boys Are They Brave Pioneers Braw News is Come tae Toon Bread Breakfast Blues Breakfast Capers Break the News to Mother Brendans Faire Isle Brendans Song Breton Carol Bridget and the Pill Bridget Evans Bridgit OMalley Brid One Breere Brigg Fair Bright Fine Gold Bright Fine Gold2 Bright Phoebe Bright Shining Morning Bright Side of Life Bright Summer Morning Bringing in the Sheaves Bringing Johnny Home Bring Back My Johnny to Me Bring Home the Bacon Baby Bring It on Home to Me Brisk Young Lad British Man o War Broken Token(2) Broomfield Wager(3) Brother Ephus Brother Gorilla Brouchty Was Brown and Yellow Earl Brown Mountain Light Brown Robyns Confession Buain Na Rainich(Cutting the Bracken) Bucks Camp Buck o Kingwatter Buddies in the Saddle Buffalo Gals Buffalo Skinners Building Up and Tearing England Down Bullfight on the San Pedro Bullfrog King Bully of the Town Bumm! Bumm!! Bumm!!! Bunch of Violets Burd Bell Burd Ellen and Young Tamlane Burd Isobel and Sir Patrick B Burma Shave Signs Burning Times Bury Me Not in the Deep Deep Sea Bury New Loom Bush Christening Business for Love Buttercup Joe Buying a Bride ByeBirdie in a Bogle By the Dry Cardrona By the Lightning We Lost Our Sight

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