Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
ByeBirdie in a Bogle

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Bye,Birdie in a Bogle

Bye,Birdie in a Bogle

     Bye, burdie, in a bogie,
     In amang a pickle foggie;
     But the burdie wan away,
     And we sought it many a day,
     Till we found it out at last,
     Draigled in a wild-deuk's nest.

     Bye, birdie, &c.--Da capo.

     There was a hennie had a birdie,
     And the birdie it flew out,
     And she sought it east and wast,
     And she got it at the last,
     Draggled in a deuk's nest;
     And she bade it gang awa' hame,
     Wi' a cauld back and a hungry wame.

     Baa! birdie in a bog.
     In amang a pickle fog;
     But the birdie flew awa',
     Baa! birdie, baa!
     And they socht it far and wide,
     Up and doon the country side,
     And they fand it oot at last,
     Drookit in a wild-deuk's nest;
     And they bade it aye gang hame,
     Cauld feet and hungry wame.

     Ba birdie, in a bog,
     Doon amang a pickle fog.

     Ba birdie, ran awa',
     An' I socht him a' day.

     An' I fand him oot at last,
     Hidin' in a craw's nest;

     An' I took him by the powe,
     An' I flang him owre the knowe.

     An' tell'd him to rin hame,
     Cauld, wat, an' hungry wean!

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