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Waes Me for Prince Cherlie Wahoo Wait Till the Sun Shines Nellie Wait Till the Work Comes Round Wake Island Walkie in the Parlor Walk Awhile Wallaby Stew Wallifou Fa the Cat Walls and Windows Walls of Time Wall Flower Walter Lesly Waly Waly(Jamie Douglas) Wal I Swan(Git Up Napoleon) Warlike Seamen War Begets Poverty Wash Weel the Fresh Fish Waste Not Want Not Waterbound Watercress-O Waterford Boys Water Water Wallflower 2 Watton Towns End Waves Roll Out Wave Over Wave Way Down Town Way of Men(Hard One) Way Out West in Alberta Way Up the Ucletaw Weapons and the Men Weary Cutters Wear a Green Willow Weaver and the Factory Girl Weaver and the Factory Maid Weaver Had a Wife Weave Me the Sunshine Weaving and Quilting Wedding Dress Wednesbury Cocking Wee Bird Cam tae My Apron Wee Bit Wifie Wee Docht and Doris Wee Kirkcudbright Centipede Wee Lass on the Brae Wee Room Underneath the Stair Wee Sandy Waugh Wee Tammy Tyrie Wee Weaver Wee Wee Cot Wee Wee German Lairdie Wee Yowe Weight Weiner Welcome Mother Jones Welcome Poor Paddy Home Welcome Royal Charlie Wellington and Waterloo(2) Well Dust Off Billy Graham Well Go to Sea No More Well Well Well Western Highway Western Railway(or Green the Ganger) Westport Westron Wynd(2) Westron Wynd(3) Wests Asleep West Country Damsels Complaint Wexford Fishing Song Wexford Girl Wexford Lullaby We Are Anchored By the Roadside Jim We Are Called the Girl Scouts We Didnt Know We Dont Want to Go We Have Fed Our Sea for a Thousand Years We Need a Lot More of Jesus We Parted on the Shore We Pity Our Bosses Five We Rigged Our Ship We Set Sail We Wish You a Merry Christmas Whale Whaleboat Malarkey Whalers Tale Whatll We Do With the Baby-O Whats Made Milwaukee Famous(Has Made a Loser Out of Me) Whats the Rhyme to Porringer Whats the Use of Wings What Can a Young Lassie What Did Dewey Do to Them What is Jennie Weeping for What Kind of Shoes You Gwine to Wear What Was Your Name in the States What Will We Do Whaur Are Ye Gaun My Bonnie Wee Lass Wha Sains the Hoose the Nicht Wha Saw the Cotton Spinners Wheel of Fortune or Dublin City When All Men Sing When a Mans in Love When Carnal First Came to Arkansas When First My Jamie He Cam to the Town When First We Met When Flrst I Went to Caledonla When Its Winter in the Kootenays When I Am an Old Woman When I First Came to This Land When I Was a Lady When I Was a Little Boy When I Was a Wee Thing(2) When I Was a Wee Thing When I Was a Young Man(2) When I Was in My Prime When I Was on Horseback(2) When Labour Calls When Love is Kind When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again When Omer Smote Is Bloomin Lyre When Shall I See Jesus When She Cam Ben She Bobbed When the Battle It Was Won When the Ice Worms Nest Again When the Ring on Your Finger Turns Green When the Roll is Called Up Yonder When the Stars Begin to Fall When This Bloody War is Over(2)

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