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Skewball Skinnydipping Baptism Skippers Dream Skipper in the Mercantile Marine Skipper of the Stars and Stripes Skippin Barfit Through the Heather Skunk Hole Skye Boat Song(Parody) Slatterys Light Dragoons Slaughter of the Laird of Mellerstain Slave Ship Sleepin at the Foot of the Bed Sleepy Peedie Laddie Slimy Patricks Scab Slip Jig and Reel Small Fry Small Victory Smart Schoolboy Smashing of the Van Smoked His Cigar Smokey the Bear Smuggler Smugglers Snap the Line Tight Snatch and Grab It Snow White Dove Sodden Clods Are Comin to Town Sodium Chloride Software Engineers Song Solar Carol Soldiers Soldiers Boy Soldiers Joy 2 Soldier Boy Soldier Just From the Marine Solid Fas Somebodys Tall and Handsome Somebody Elses Troubles Sometimes I Feel Like Fletcher Christian Somewhere Overindulgence Somewhere Over the Rainbow Some Folks Do Some Little Bug Some Say the deIls Deid Song About the Bishop of Argyll Song for Each Drink Song From the Backwoods Song of All Songs Song of the Artesian Water Song of the Classes Song of the Pelagian Heresy Song of the Seals Song of the Sockeye Song of the Soul Song of the Splintered Shillelagah Song of the the Gillie More Song of the Wage-Slave Song of the Whale Song We Sang at the Singsong in Sing Sing Son of Mars Soon and Very Soon Soon May the Wellerman Come Sound the Pibroch Sourwood Mountain Souter Gaed the Soo a Kiss Spanish Guitar Special Forces Song Spirit Keeper Spree Sprig of Irish Heather Springtime in Alaska Spring Glee Stagolee Stagolee 2

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