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Spirit Keeper

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Spirit Keeper

Spirit Keeper
(Linda Allen)

 CHORUS :  Little spirit keeper, little child of wonder
         Many years have come and gone
         Trembling little shoulders called to be much older
         How can I reach you with my song?

You were four years old, and the story's an old one
Your father touched you, made you promise not to tell
How can I tell you that your body's all your own?
Tiny girl, so alone

Then you were seven and your father's game continued
Bought you pretty things but he hurt you just the same
How can I tell you there are those around who'd help?
Little girl, so alone

Then you were nine years old, your secret weighed so heavy
Tried to be perfect just to hide your secret shame
He called you "little tease," but child, you're not to blame
Precious child, so alone

You were eleven, how you longed to tell your mother
You thought she'd hate you for she loved your father so
Cut off from her and you couldn't risk close friends
Silent child, so alone

At sixteen years you finally lifted up your head
Said you'd call the cops and you threw him from your bed
Thought it was over, but a sister was still home
Another child, so alone

Now many years have passed and the shadows linger on
All the midnight lovers, all the heartaches with the dawn
Can we heal each other, little girl and woman grown?
Frightened children, you and I

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