Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Skippers Dream

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The Skipper's Dream

The Skipper's Dream

 T'other day ye mun knaw, wey aw'd had a sup beer
 It ran i' maw heed, and myed me sae queer,
 That aw lay doon to sleep i' wor huddock sae snug,
 An' dreem'd sic a dreem as gar'd me scart me lug.

 Aw dreem'd that the queerest man iver aw see'd
 Cam stumping alang wi' three hats on his heed;
 A goon on like a preest, (mind aw's telling ne lees)
 An' at his side there was hangin a greet bunch o' kees.

 He stares i' maw fyece, and says, How d'ye de?
 Aw's teufish, says aw, canny man, how are ye?
 The he says, wiv a voice gar'd me trimmle, aw's shure
 Aw's varry weel, thank ye, but yor day is nigh ower.

 Aw studdies awhile, then says aw, Are ye Deeth,
 Come here for to wise oot a poor fellow's breeth?
 He says, No , aw'm the Pope, cum to try if aw can
 Save a vile wretch like ye, fra the nasty Bad Man.

 He said, yen St. Peter gov him them great keys
 To let into Hiven wheiver he'd please
 an' if aw'd turn Papish, and giv him a Note,
 He'd send me to Hiven, without ony doot

 Then a yel hep o' stuff he talk'd aboot sin,
 An' sed he'd forgi' me whativer aw'd deun;
 An' if that aw'd murther'd byeth fayther and mother
 For a five shillin peece, wey, aw might kill me bruther.

 Says aw, Mister Pope, gi's ne mair o' yur tauk,
 But oot o' wor huddock aw's beg ye to wauk
 An' if ye divent get oot before aw count Nine,
 Byeth ye and yor keys, man aw'll fing i' the Tyne.

 So aw on tiv me feet wiv a bit iv a skip,
 For aw ment for to give him an Orangeman's grip;
 But aw waken'd just then in a terrible stew,
 An' fand it a dream as aw've told ye just now

 T./ Moor-In: The Newcastle Song Book or Tyne-Side Songster., W&T Fordyce
 Newcastle Upon Tyne.Note: Orange Order Reference.

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