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Small Fry

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Small Fry

Small Fry
(Frank Loesser)

Small fry, struttin' by the pool room
Small fry, should be in the school room
My, my, put down that cigarette
You ain't grown up high and mighty yet

Small fry, dancin' for a penny
Small fry, countin' up how many
My, my, just listen here to me
You ain't the biggest catfish in the sea

You practice peckin' all day long to some old radio song
Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes
You better listen to your pa
And someday practice the law
And then you'll be a real success

Yes, small fry, you kissed the neighbor's daughter
Small fry, shoulda stayed in shallow water
Seems I should take you 'cross my knee
You ain't the biggest catfish in the sea

You've got your feet all soakin' wet
You'll be the death of me yet
Oh me, oh my, small fry

Music by Hoagy Carmichael, words by Frank Loesser, (c) 1938.
Sung by Bing Crosby, Fred MacMurray, and Donald O'Connor in the movie, "Sing You
 Sinners," 1938. Also used in an animated short, "Small Fry," 1939. Peckin' - pr
obably refers to picking out tunes on a piano.

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