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16th Avenue 23rd of February A-Roving on a Winters Night Abe Sammons Applejack(2) Abe Sammons Applejack About the Bush Willy Abrahams Daughter Acapulco Gold Ackabaka Across the Blue Mountain Across the Line Adalida Adam Bell Clym Clough Adam Cameron Admiral Hosiers Ghost Advice for Valentines Day Aileen Aroon Aileen Aroon 3 Aileen Aroon 4 Aileen a Roon 7 Ailenn Duinn Aint It a Shame Aint Nobodys Business If I Do Aint that Good News Aint We Crazy Aint You Got a Right Airplane Blues Air Falalalo Alabam Albatross Alberta Bound Albertina(Skonnert Albertina) Alberts Return Alberts Reunion Albert and the Lion Albert the Alligator Alcoholic Baby Aldonzas Song Alice Blue Gown Alison and Willie Alister McAlpines Lament Ali Boogie All-E-Oxen Free Alla Mari Allison Gross Allsouls Night All Among the Barley All Hail the Power of Jesus Name All My Lifes a Circle All Night Cafe All Night Long All that Meat and No Potatoes All These Years All the While All This Useless Beauty All Under the Leaves All Used Up Alma Mater(Cornell) Alone in the Bedroom Alpha Phi Omega Toast Alteh Buck Alzheimers Amanda Amber Tresses Ambletown(Home Dearie Home) America American Pie American Tune Amherst Song Amie Among My Souvenirs Amphitrite Anacreontic Song(2) Anac Cuain Anchored in Love Anchors Aweigh(2) Ancient Greeks Andersons Coast Andrew Carr Andromeda the Beautiful Andys Gone With Cattle And Every One And the Moon Shone Bright and Clearly Anford-Wright Angelina Baker Angel Gabriel Angus and the Kilt Angus Hempstead Angus McTavish McTarvish Dundee Annan Water Anna Baddley Anne Boleyn Anniversary Song Ann o Hethersgill Another Day in the Life Another Lullaby Ant and the Grasshopper Any Old Iron Any Other Time An Agricultural Girl An Cailin Rua(The Red-Headed Girl) An Old Log Cabin for Sale An Old Man Came Over the Lea Apples and Banana Song(Traditional) Apple Tree Wassail Aqaba Arbutus Archaeologist Song Are Ye Right There Michael Are You Lonesome Tonight Are You Tired of Me My Darling Arizona Killer Arkansas Hard Luck Blues Arkansas Traveler(2) Arkys Toast Around Me Brave Boys Arouse Arrival of the Greenhorn Arson Rape and Bloody Murder Arthur McBride and the Sergeant Ar Fa La La Low Ashland Tragedy(II) Ashland Tragedy Ashton Mashers Asleep at the Switch As I Roved Out(2) As I Went By the Luckenbooths As Joseph Was a-Walking As the Black Billy Boils As We Were Asailing At It Again At the Bar At the Feast of Belshazzer At Twenty-One Auchinlech Auld Fishers Last Wish Auld Lang Syne 4 Auld Mans Mares Deid Auld Man tae the Oak Tree Auld Matrons Aunt Sue Automobile Blues Au Claire de la Lune(2) Au Clair de la Lune Avatar Away Down East Azekatarle

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