Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Airplane Blues

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Airplane Blues

Airplane Blues
(Sleepy John Estes, 1937.)

I'mo get in my airplane. I'mo get in my airplane
I'mo ride all over, I'mo ride all over your town.
Then if I spy the woman I'm lovin', po' John, po' John gonna let this airplane d

Here's my hand. Here's my hand.
You can lead me where you want. You can lead me where you want me to go.
Then after you lead me wrong this time, you won't lead me, and you won't lead me
 no mo'.

I know my baby. I know my baby.
And she's bound to jump, and she's bound to jump an' shout.
Now when she get holt o' this letter, I'll done rolled them few, I'll done rolle
d them few days out.

You sweet-time someone, you sweet-time someone,
You oughta know what you want; you oughta know what you want to do.
Now, the day that you quit me, an' I won't be mad, I won't be mad with you.

Jus' the day before Christmas, jus' the day before Christmas,
Let me bring your present. Let me bring your present tonight.
Now I will be your Santa Claus, even if my whiskers, even if my whiskers is whit

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