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Aileen a Roon 7

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Aileen a Roon 7

Aileen a Roon 7

Oh! welcome, my Aileen; the moment is blest
That brings thee to soothe ev'ry care of my breast;
   These eyes that behold thee,
   These arms that enfold thee;
   This faithful heart beating,
   In joy of our meeting,
Welcome a thousand times, Aileen a Roon.

My faithful companion* who walk'd by my side,
Flew away like the wind when my Aileen he spy'd:
   With music he greets thee,
   In rapture he meets thee,
   Now to thy side clinging;
   Now up to thy lap springing,
He welcomes, a thousand ways Aileen a Roon.

My flocks gaze and bleat as my Aileen draws nigh,
And my little stream flows more melodiously by;
   At her feet the flow'rs springing;
   The birds round her singing;
   In her presence delighting,
   All nature uniting,
Proclaims a glad welcome to Ailen a Roon.

Thy presence my Garden rejoices to hail,
And gives thee her welcome perfum'd in the gale,
   Amid' thy charms straying,
   Fond zephyrs are playing,
   Now on thy cheek lying,
   Soft breathing and sighing,
With whispers they welcome thee, Aileen a Roon.

The blossoms are clust'ring, more verdant the grove,
And my fields smile with gladness to welcome my love,
   To thee all is owing,
   In thee pleasure showing;
   All objects appearing
   More soft and endearing,
What wonder we welcome thee, Aileen a Roon.

In their gayest apparel the shepherds appear,
And are thronging to see and to welcome thee here;
   Thy dear name resounding,
   From hill to hill rebounding;
   Fond echo conveying,
   And joyfully saying
Welcome, a thousand times, Aileen a Roon.

If to welcome thee all things in nature unite,
In what strains shall thy Donald express his delight?
   At sight of his treasure,
   Transported with pleasure;
   Thus gazing and pressing
   To his bosom his blessing--
He has scarce breath to welcome thee, Aileen a Roon.

* a favourite Spaniel

Another song to the tune, headed:   Aileen a Roon

  'The following very elegant paraphrase on the celebrated song
of Aileen a Roon, by the late Rt. Hon. John Hely Hutchinson,
Provost of Trinity College, Dublin, and first Secretary of State,
is now published for the first time, from the original
manuscript.'  [Not quite true, see below]

  Above from a songbook without music, issued in 100 parts, of
which there is no complete collection, <<The Charms or Melody, or
Syren Medley>>, Dublin, n.d. c 1795-1810, from paper watermark

   Hutchinson is noted in D. J. O'Donoghue's <<The Poets of
Ireland>>, as having a reputation as a poet, however, O'Donoghue
could not locate any poetical pieces attributed to him.
Hutchinson's death was given by O'Donoghue as Sept. 4, 1794. The
song appears to be little known in Ireland, probably because it
was published in London in <<The European Magazine>>, April,
1794, as "AILUN A' Roon," with an appended note, 'Words to Ailun
A'Roon. By the Right Hon. J. H. H. Secretary of State for
Ireland.' Huntington Library, <<Catalogue of Music Printed
Before 1801>>.

I have not found when Gerald Griffin's song "Aileen Aroon" was
written, he was born about 1803, and stayed in Ireland to
complete his education when his parents emigrated to the US about
1820. This is the one sung by Jean Redpath.

Filename[ EILAROO7
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