Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Alteh Buck

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Alteh Buck

Alteh Buck

I'm an alteh buck             I'm an old buck
Foon old Kentuck              From old Kentuck
Uhn ich triypst tsu town      And I drive to town
Lookin' like a schmuck        (schmuck is vulgar for stupid jerk

                                   literally, "penis")

Oy, ich triypst arum
Oh, I traipse around
Ahf a fehrdteleh              On a little horse
Ich hob der ganseh veldt      I regard the whole world
In d'rehrdtelleh              [as belonging] in hell
                              (if not in "hell", at least dead &
                               buried - "in the earth")
Yippee ay oh kiyay
Oy, Yippee ay oh kiyay        [The word for horse, "fehrdt" and
                              the word for hell, "d'rehrdt" (the
                              earth), are both in the grammatical
                              form, "affectionate-diminutive"]

tune: I'm an Old Cowhand
From Ray Sinick, riding instructor at the Fallsview Lodge
and Evergreen Manor (bygone), Ellenville, NY
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