Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
All These Years

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All These Years

All These Years
(Sawyer Brown)

She likes adventure with security,
And more than one man can provide.
She planned adventure feeling sure that he
Would not be home 'til after five.
He turned on the lights and turned them off again,
And said the one thing he could say:

"All these years, where have I been?
I've been down the road to work and home again.
But I'm still here, and until I'm gone,
Don't you rub it in too hard that I've been wrong
All these years."

She said, "You're not the man you used to be,"
And he said, "Neither is this guy."
She said, "There's some things you refuse to see,
But I guess sometimes so do I."
She made no excuse why she was laying there.
She said the one thing she could say:

All these years, what have I done?
I made your supper and your daughter and your son.
I'm still here, and still confused.
But I can finally see how much I stand to lose,
All these years."

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