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Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-De-Ay! Taffy Was a Welshman Tah Rah Rah Boom Di Ay Tails and Trotters Take an Old Cold Tater(And Wait) Take a Whiff on Me Take Her in Your Arms Take It Down From the Mast Take Me Back to Tulsa Take Me Home Take Your Fingers Off It Take Your Time Tak It Man Tak It Talking Blues Talking Dust Bowl Blues Talking Guitar Blues Talking Unamerican Blues Talk About Sufferin Talk About Suffering Talk It All Over With Him Tallow Candles or Song of a Doomed Man Tall Carolina Pines Tall Timbers Tamlyn Tam o Crumstan Tam Taits Teachers Hard Hard Times Tear My Stillhouse Down Tea Shanty Tebo Teddy Bears Picnic Ten-Pound Radio Tennessee Bird Walk Tennessee Waltz Tennessee Wigwalk Ten Little Indians(2) Ten Little Indians Ten Sticks of Dynamite Testimony of Patience Kershaw Testing the Bomb Teterboro Tower Thats Why Im Walkin That Lonesome Road That Lonesome Train Took My Baby Away That Was the President and that Was the Man That Was the President that Was the Man 2 Tha Banks of the Pamanaw Them Stars Therell Be No Distinction There Theres a Gold Mine in the Sky Theres a Hole in the Budget Theres a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere Theres Naethin i Hielants Theres No Seder Like Our Seder There Are No Flies on Us There is Power There Stands the Glass There Was an Auld Man Stood on a Stane There Was an Old Piper There Was a Birdie There Was a Goose There Was a Man in Thessaly There Was a Piper Had a Coo There Was a Sea Captain(2) There Was a Sea Captain There Was a Wee Bit Mousikie There Was a Wee Bit Poussie There Was a Wee Wifie These Are My Mountains Theyll Never Take Her Love From Me Theyre Coming to Take Me Away(Napoleon the 14th) They Call the Wind Maria They Dont Write Them Like that Any More Thinnest Man(2) Thirty Pieces of Silver This is No Ma Ain Hoose This Land Aint Your Land This Little Bird This Ole House This Ol Riverboat This Time Again This Way and that Way Thomas Cromwell Thomas O Yonderdale Thoughts on Minnesotas 1998 Election Thousand Legged Worm Thousand Mile Blues Three Blind Mice Are Dead(round) Three Brothers Come From Spain Three Dukes(2) Three Dukes Three Flowers Three HaPence a Foot Three Leaf Shamrock Three Little Fishes Three Lovely Lasses Three Merry Men of Kent Three Sisters Three Six Nine Threshing Song Throw Your Cat Away Till My Getup Has Got Up and Gone Timber(Jerry the Mule) Time Came Down Time for Us to Go Time Has Made a Change in Me Time Ive Lost in Wooing Time to Ring Some Changes Tinkermans Daughter Tinkle Tinkle Tra-La-La! Tiree Love Song Titanic(7) Titanic(9) Tittery Irie Aye Tiugainn Do Scalpaidh Tobacco Song Tocher the Tod(A) Tod(B) Tod n the Hen Toms Gone to Hilo 2 Tom Beechs Last Trip Tom Bowling Tom Gilheaney Tom Joad Tom Williams Tones Grave(Bodenstown Churchyard) Tone is Coming Back Again Tonights the Night for Drinking Too-A-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral thats an Irish Lullaby Tooralooraloora Irish Lullaby(2) Too Close to the Wind Too Much of a Name Topman and Afterguard Tortoise-Shell Touch of the Masters Hand To Althea From Prison To Anacreon in Heaven To Bellman To Morrow To the Sweet Sunny South Trail of the Lonesome Pine Train Trains of Waterloo Train on the Island Train that Carried My Girl From Town Tranent Muir Transit Van Traveler(Our Goodman) Traveller All Over the World Travelling Down the Castlereagh Travelling Drummer Travelling Salesman Trelawny(Cornish Gaelic) Trip Through Holyhead Trooper and the Turk Trooper Cut Down in His Prime Tropical Jesus Truck Drivin Man True Blue Bill True Story True Tale of Robin Hood True Thomas(2) True Thomas Trust in Me Trying Times Try to Remember Tshotsholosa Tuirse Mo Chroi Turkey-Rogher Lee and the Yellow Golden Tree Turners Camp on the Chifpewa Turn the World Around Turn Turn Turn or to Everything There is a Season Turn Ye to Me(2) Turn Your Radio on Turtle Dove Turtle Dove Done Drooped His Wings TVA Song Twa Craws Sat on a Stane Twa Knights Twelve Bugs of Christmas Twelve Days After Christmas Twelve Thank-you Notes of Christmas Twenty Men From Dublin Town Twice Tried Twice Hung Twice Buried Twilight Time Two Brothers Two Butchers Two Different Worlds Two Hands Two Sisters(12) Two Sisters(13) Two Sisters(9) T Stands for Thomas

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