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Turn the World Around

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Turn the World Around

Turn the World Around
(Mark Cohen)

Every day I look around me, everything seems upside down
Armies marching, children starving, people tearing others down
Fear and anger can overwhelm me, or I can choose to stand my ground
Look into myself and know it, I can turn the world around

Wars are fought by mighty powers, but the power lies in you
One by one to reach your hand out, all it takes is wanting to
Make your mind up to make a difference, and you'll see you're gaining
Look into yourself and know it, you can turn the world around

You don't have to move a mountain, all you have to move is you
Write a letter, help a neighbor, lift your voice, try something new
Though that voice may be small and quiet, it can make a mighty sound
Find it in yourself and try it, you can turn the world around

About a dozen years ago I wrote new words to Ian Campbell's "The
Apprentice Song" (in a different vein).  I just now, thanks to Mudcat
and DT, found the source of the song, which I had taped off the radio
sans attribution.  I have been told the tune was originally an old hymn,
which may explain why it inspired this 80's style paean.

Lyrics (c)1985 Mark Cohen
tune:  "Apprentice Song" by Ian Campbell

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