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LAcadie Laddie Lie Near Me(4) Laddie With the Golden Hair Laddy Lye Near Me Ladies Ladies Case Lads o the Fair Lads o Wamphray Lady Dysie 2 Lady Elspat Lady Franklins Lament(4) Lady Isabel and the Elf-Knight Lady Isobel Lady Jean Lady Keiths Lament Lady Leroy Lady Leroy 2 Lady Margaret Lady Margaret 2 Lady Odivere(Grey Silkie 3) Lady of Arngosk Lady of Skin and Bone Lady of Spain Lady of the Lake Lad in the North Laidley Worm Laird of Blackwood Laird of Wariston Lambton Worm Lament Lamenting Maid(Curragh of Kildare) Lament for Staker Wallis Lament for the Last of the Seaforths Lament of the Reservist Lancashire Lass Landladys Daughter Landlord Landlords Daughter Land God Gave to Cain Land o the Leal Lang Johnny Moir Lark in the Clear Air Larry Grogan Larry Grogan 2 Larry Grogan Notes Lassie Gathering Nuts Lassie Wha Never Says No Lass From the Low Country Last Bouquet Last Game of the Season(The Blind Man in the Bleachers) Last Letter Home Last Night I Had a Happy Dream Last Night of November Last Saskatchewan Pirate Last Time Last Unicorn Last Words of Copernicus Laurel Hill Lavender Blue Lawson Murder Lazy Lout La Bastringue La Colombe La Laine Des Moutons La Marseillaise Leader of the Band Leaves that Are Green Lea Rig Leesome Brand Lee Harvey Was a Friend of Mine Left - Right Legion of the Rearguard Lemon Tree(MIT Parody) Leo McGuires Song Leprauchan Les Raftsmen Lets All Sing Like the Birdies Sing Lets Go to the Woods Lets Pretend Letters From My Father Let All that Are to Mirth Inclined Let Erin Remember the Days of Old Let It Be Your Lullaby Let Me in This Ae Nicht Let No Man Steal Your Thyme Let No Man Steal Your Thyme Thyme Let Onion Be Let the Bulgine Run Let the Lower Lights Be Burning Let the Rest of the World Go By Let the Rest of the World Go Dry Let Union Be in All Our Hearts Let Us the Infant Greet Let Your Light Shine on Me Le Chant Des Ouvriers Buvons Le Deserteur Le Roi a Fait Battre Tambour Le Temps Des Cerises Lias Laddie Liberty Tree(2) Licht Bobs Lassie Lifebelt Washed Up on the Shore Lifeboat Mona Lifes Railway to Heaven Lifes Trolley Ride Life is a Ballgame Lighthouse(Shine on Me) Lighthouse Light at the River Light Dragoon Lilac Sunday Ballad Lily the Pink(3) Lily the Pink Lil Ole Kiss of Fire Lincoln Duncan By Paul Simon Lindberg the Eagle of the USA Linemans Hymn Linin Track

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