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Chickens Are Into the Tomatoes Chickens in the Garden Children Go Where I Send Thee Child Waters Chill Eastern Winds Choclate Ice Cream Cone Cholesterol Choucoune Christians and the Pagans Christmas 1914 Christmas Carol Christmas Eve in the Workhouse Christmas Goose Christmas in the Alice Christmas in the Trenches Christmas is Now Drawing Near at Hand Christmas Lamentations Christopher White Christ Was a Traveler Christ Was a Wayworn Traveler Churchy Ballad Church in the Wildwood Cigarettes Whiskey and Wild Wild Women Cinco Duros Cindys Cryin CIO Song 2 City of Chicago Claddagh Ring Claude Dallas Claud Allen Clayton Boone Clear Away the Morning Dew Clementine(4) Clerks Twa Sons o Owsenford Clerk Sanders Clerk Saunders Cllun Malla Close Your Eyes Clydes Water(3) Clydes Water 2 Coaly Tyne Coal and Albert Berry Coal Ship Song Coastline of Mayo Coasts of Malabar Coast of Peru(2) Coble O Cargill Cob Coaling Song Cob OCoaling Cocaine Blues(4) Cocaine Blues Cocaine Blues 2 Cocaine Blues 3 Cocaine Lil Cockerham Devil Cockie Bendie Cockroach that Ate Cincinatti Cod Liver Oil Cold Winter Shadow Colin and Phoebe Collier Lass Collycw Colly My Cow 2 Colly My Cow 3

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