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Two Hands

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Two Hands

Two Hands
(Jan Mara)

 There's a quality taken for granted.
 No one seems to talk about it much,
 But babies are known to wither and die
 For the want of a loving touch.
 Children are blessedly simple.
 They cry to be hugged and to be held,
 But once we are grown, we're told to stand alone,
 Told to keep our hands to ourselves.

 Sometimes words will fail you.
 You have more than words at your command.
 You carry the power to love and to heal
 Right there, in your own two hands.

 So often, the touch of another
 Raises doubt and suspicion in our heads.
 Oh, it must be some kind of come-on;
 It's a trick to try and get us into bed.
 But I just need someone to hold me.
 Why is it so hard to say?
 So we fight, fool around, and lay our bodies down
 And the need never seems to go away.

 Sometimes words will fail you...

 So eagerly we break the bonds of family,
 Independent, self-sufficient, all alone.
 And now the words "Reach out and touch someone"
 Make you think of the long distance phone.

 (Sing chorus twice & end w/
 Right there, in your own two hands.

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