Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
To Bellman

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To Bellman

To Bellman

 Will you raise up your glasses to Bellman
 and bid that old hound dog adieu,
 for it's many's the time in the height of his prime
 he has thrilled us by running to view.

     So let's bid farewell to our Bellman,
     his voice you all used to know,
     and it's hounds of his kind they are very hard to find
     and he's gone where the good doggies go.

 On the very worst morning in winter
 through the hail and the rain you would try
 and the other dogs would have just followed after
 for his nose never told him no lie.

 Now a gallant old hound were our Bellman,
 why, he'd chase any fox and could climb,
 and the only wrong deed that he'd done us
 was when he laid his old pelt down and died. Now his offspring did follow their
 why, there's Bowler and there's Bashful and so grand
 and they're like their noble old father
 why they'll chase any fox from the land.

 Now some people use guns to kill foxes
 and they says that it's far more humane.
 But the fox that got nipped by our Bellman
 Why he'd laid down and he'd not rise again.

 Transcribed from the singing of The Watersons by Wolfgang Hell

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