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Twenty Men From Dublin Town

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Twenty Men From Dublin Town

Twenty Men From Dublin Town
(Arthur Griffith)

Twenty men from Dublin town riding on the mountainside
Fearless of the Saxon frown, twenty brothers true and tried
Blood flows in the city streets, there the green is lying low
Here the Emerald standard greets eyes alike of friend and foe

cho: Fly the city, brothers tried, join us on the mountainside
     Where we've England's power defied twenty men from Dublin town

Twenty men from Dublin town, full of love and full of hate
Ah! our chief, our Tone is down, hand of God avenge his fate
Joy it is when e'er we meet redcoats on the mountain track
Oh! as deer they must be fleet, if to Dublin they get back

Twenty men from Dublin town, every night around the fire
Brimming glasses we toss down to our captain Michael Dwyer
Slainte, Michael, barve and true, then there rings the wild hurrah
As we drink, dear land, to you, Eire! Slainte Geal go Brach

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