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Teachers Hard Hard Times

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Teachers' Hard, Hard Times

Teachers' Hard, Hard Times

1.  Come all you good people, I'll sing you a song
    About B.C. teachers, how they get along
    They teach all your children from five to eighteen
    The rich and the poor and the bored and the keen

    And it's hard, hard times

2.  You start with a new bunch of kids in the fall
    You hope and you pray that your class will be small
    Twenty-five children is plenty for you
    And then there are cutbacks and you get forty-two

3.  They're crammed in your class like sardines in  a can
    You try to come up with a good seating plan
    But there's cursing and swearing and crawling the walls
    Till you wish you could throw them all out in the hall

4.  You go to the stockroom to get some supplies
    You open the door and the tears fill your eyes
    The shelves are all empty, you'll just have to wait
    Though your textbooks are twenty-five years out of date

5.  The lunch bell it rings and you're straight out the door
    You've run out of worksheets, you'll have to print more
    But the ditto is broken, and that ain't the worst
    For your coffee's stone cold and your bladder's near burst

6.  The best thing to do is to fight with a will
    Together I know we can get rid of Bill
    Of Bill Vander Zalm and of bill 89 [pick a number!]
    And of Bill Bennett too, then we'll all be just fine

by Rika Ruebsaat, written for Cultural Workers Against the Budget
     for 1983 Solidarity campaign.
note: Back in the early 50's, there was (NYC Teacher's Union):
     In a classroom, in a schoolhouse
     Excavating for a brain
     Stood a teacher, a pretty creature,
     With her children raising Cain..   RG
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