Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Theres Naethin i Hielants

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There's Naethin i' Hielants

There's Naethin I' Hielants

     There's naething i' Hielants but green kail and leeks,
       And lang-leggit Hielantmen wantin' the breeks;
     Wantin' the breeks, and withoot hose or shoon,
       They'll a' get the breeks when Jamie comes hame.

     Rymour Club Misc. I (1906), 221, from Kirriemuir; on the
     face of it, referring to the first Jacobite rebellion.
     Lines 1-2 ibid., 127, from Crawford district ("There's
     nocht in the Hielan's but lang kail and leeks"), called
     "a well-known rhyme, expressing the Lowlander's contempt
     for the Highlander."

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