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Two Sisters(13)

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Two Sisters (13)

Two Sisters (13)

 There were three sisters lived in a bouir
      Hech, hey, my Nannie O
 And the youngest was the fairest flouir
      And the swan swims bonnie O

 'O sister, sister, gang down to yon sand
      Hech, etc.
 And see your father's ships coming to dry land.'
      And the swan, etc.

 O they have gane down to yonder sand
 To see their father's ships coming to dry land

 'Gae set your fit on yonder stane
  Till I tye up your silken goun.'

 She set her fit on yonder stane
 And the auldest drave the youngest in

 'O sister, sister, tak me by the hand
 And ye'll get a' my father's land

 'O sister, sister, tak me by the gluve
 An ye'll get Willy, my true luve.'

 She had a switch into her hand
 And ay she drave her frae the land

 O whiles she sank, and whiles she swam
 Until she swam to the miller's dam

 The miller's daughter gade doun to Tweed
 To carry water to bake her bread

 'O father, O father, what's yon in the dam?
 It's either a maid or a milk-white swan.'

 They have tane her out till yonder thorn
 And she has lain till Monday morn

 She hadna, hadna twa days lain
 Till by there came a harper fine

 He made a harp o her breast bane
 That he might play forever thereon

Child #10
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