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Take Your Time

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Take Your Time

Take Your Time
(by Loudon Wainwright III)

1.  You first wound my clock up on our wedding day
    You said it would always be striking
    Though the spring's getting weaker and feeble the tick
    It's still very much to me liking.

     So take your time, me lovely old lad
     There ain't no reason to hurry
     For as long as you're able to wind up me clock
     Then I have no reason to worry.

2.  I mind the time when we were young
    You worked at the hedging and binding
    You'd go out at dawn and come home through the dusk
    Coming home for me clock to be winding.

3.  As time went by, our children grew up
    Were soon making wedding vows binding
    And all of my daughters the same thing I taught
    Make sure your clock always needs winding.

4.  And now that we're nearing the end of our time
    And you are so tired and grey, love
    It still pleases me when you wind up me clock
    And it will till the end of my days, love.

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