Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Tod n the Hen

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The Tod & the Hen

The Tod & the Hen

     As I went up by Humber Jumber,
     Humber Jumber jiny, O,
     There I met a hokum pokum,
     Carrying off Capriny, O;

     Oh, if I'd had my tit my tat,
       My tit my tat my tiny, O,
     I would have made my hokum pokum,
       Lay me down Capriny, O.
     As I gaed doon by Humble-dumble,
     Humble-dumble, dairie, O;
     There I saw Jehoka-poaka
     Stealin' awa I-peekie, O:

     If I had ha'en my Tit my Tat,
     My Tit my Tat my Tairie, O,
     I sudna seen Jehoka-poaka
     Stealin' awa I-peekie, O.
     As I gaed by by Humbydrum,
     By Humbydrum by dreary,
     I met Jehoky Poky
     Cairryin awa Jaipeery.

     If I had haen ma tip ma tap,
     Ma tip ma tap ma teerie,
     I wadna looten Jehoky Poky
     Cairry awa Jaipeery.

     (1) Chambers PRS (1870), 26, whence Moffat 50 TSNR
     (1933), 26, with tune [var. line 7 I'd have made the
     Hokum Pokum].
     The version current among Scottish Country dancers
     varies slightly; the source is the founder of the RSCDS,
     Miss Jean Milligan, who suggested the little song as the
     tune for the dance "The Frisky".  Var.: 2 Humber jumber
     jiley, O; 3 Sir Hoker Poker 4 Carphiley O [i.e. a
     Caerphilly hen]. 5 ma tiley O, etc. [N.B. Fraser (1975),
     101, spells Jeilie, Teilie, Campeillie.]  The tune
     resembles a jig, Jockey's Dance.
     Also in Rymour Club Misc. I (1906-11), 112; differs: 2
     Jeinie 3 Sir Hoker Poker 4 away Campeinie, O 5 If I had
     had 6 teinie 7 I'd never have let 8 away [Glossed as
     "Wolf, Lamb, and Shepherd"].  Ibid., 165, from
     Edinburgh; differs As I went ou/ jynie/Campynie/ tynie/
     I wadna hae let. ["Wolf and lamb."]
     (2) Rymour Club Misc. I. 59 (in 4 lines); explained as
     "A shepherd who, if he had had his dog, would not have
     seen the wolf steal his sheep."
     (3) Montgomerie SC (1948), 44 (no. 37).
Cf. "I sat upon my houtie croutie".
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