Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Trelawny(Cornish Gaelic)

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Trelawny (Cornish Gaelic)

Trelawny (Cornish Gaelic)

 1 Gans cledha da yn dorn yu lei
 Gwyr, lowen an golon
 Yth aswon Myghtern Jamys fel
 Pandr' wrello Kernewon
 Yu ordnys Ie ha prys ancow?
 Trelawny dos dh'y fyn?
 Mes ugans myl an dus Kernow
 Gothfos an praga 'vyn
 A vew Trelawny bras?
 'Verow Trelawny bras?
 Otomma ugans myl Kernow
 A woffyth oil an cos

 2 Yn meth an Capten, bew y wos
 Gwas jolyf yn mysk cans
 Tour Loundres kyn fe Carrek Los
 Y'n dylerfsen dewhans
 Ny a dres Tamar, tyr dhe dyr
 By 'ny vyth Havren let
 Ha scoth ryp scoth, cowetha gwyr
 Pyu orthyn-ny a set?

 3 Devedhys bys yn Fos Loundres
 Gwel dek dhyn, ny a gry
 Deugh mes, ownegyon oil, deugh mes
 Gwell on. agesough-why
 Trelawny yu avel felon
 Fast yn cargharow tyn
 Mes ugans myl a Gernewon
 Gothfos an ken a vyn

And in English

 1 A good sword and a trusty hand
 A merry heart and true
 King James's men shall understand
 What Cornish men can do
 And have they fixed the where and when?
 And shall Trelawny die?
 Here's twenty thousand Cornishmen
 Will know the reason why
 And shall Trelawny live?
 Or shall Trelawny die?
 Here's twenty thousand Cornishmen
 Will know the reason why

 2 Out spake the captain brave and bold
 A merry wight was he
 Though London Tower were Michael's hold
 We'll set Trelawny free
 We'll cross the Tamar, land to land
 The Severn is no stay
 Then one and all and hand in hand
 And who shall bid us nay?

 3 And when we come to London wall
 A pleasant sight to view
 Come forth, come forth, ye cowards all
 Here are better men than you
 Trelawny he's in keep in hold
 Trelawny he may die
 But twenty thousand Cornish bold
 Will know the reason why

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