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Toms Gone to Hilo 2

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Tom's Gone to Hilo 2

Tom's Gone to Hilo 2

 Oh Tommy's gone on a whaling ship
 Chorus: Away to Hilo
 Oh Tommy's gone on a damned long trip
 Chorus: Tom's gone to Hilo

 He's never kissed his girl goodbye

 He's left her and he's told her why

 She's robbed him blind and left him broke

 He's had enough he gave her the poke

 His half it went it went like chaff

 She's hung around for the other half

 She's drank and boozed his pay away

 With her weather eye on the next pay day

 He's shipped around away Cape Horn

 His clothes and boots was in the pawn

 Ah Tommy's gone on a whaling ship
 Away to Hilo
 Ah Tommy's gone on a damned long trip
 Tom's gone to Hilo

(tops'l halyard)
 Significantly different from the other version on the DT , the late Stan Hugill
 said that sung by a
 good shantyman, this song and its words were too slow to please the officers! T
he sailors liked
 it though, especially on a heavy lift. The shanty is sung with alternating chor
us after every line
 As recorded by Lime Bay Mutiny, 1990.
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